Sri Endang Kornita, Taryono Taryono


This study aims to (i) determine the structure and source of investment in the area of Riau, (ii) determine the relationship between investment income Riau region (iii) determine and analyze the level of investment required for the development of the region Riau fore. This type of research is the development of research that aims to develop, expand, and dig deeper into the theory of investment and economic development in a region that is strongly associated with the field of development economics and regional economics
The results showed that the city of Pekanbaru has a significant role for the development of the investment needs in the area of Riau. Riau region that have more economic structure leads to secondary and tertiary sectors tend to have Capital Output Ratio (COR) and the Incremental Capital Output Ratio (ICOR) is higher than the economic structure of the region is dominated by the primary sector. Then to be able to boost economic growth in the region of Riau Mainland every year an average of 6.03% during the years 2015-2020, the total investment is estimated at constant prices of Rp. 599,865.00 billion, at current prices is estimated at Rp. 901,005.43 billion.

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